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The bathroom tile is a popular coating for the bathroom. It is very aesthetically pleasing, suitable for a damp room and easy to clean. But do all tiles fit a water room? Which color to choose for your bathroom? And should you prefer small or large tiles? We suggest you to go through these questions in order to help you choose your future bathroom tile.

Didn’t you look at the kitchen and bathroom tiles, which are the trend of 2022? Floors and walls new trend or earthenware; It will give your kitchen and bathroom a unique look and aesthetic. The new trend decorative tiles are indispensable for your kitchens and bathrooms, and on the other hand, they can be applied in all pockets.


For the bathroom

The tile is an ideal wall covering for a bathroom, as it is not afraid of moisture or projections. In addition, it is easy to maintain.

The bathroom tile can be non-slip, chemical resistant (hygiene or maintenance). The bathroom is a place of low passage, therefore tiles supporting low abrasion will be sufficient. It is also necessary to strengthen the waterproofing, at least at the level of the shower and the floor.

The bathroom is a room in which we like to spend time. It must be as aesthetic as it is functional. For this, you can choose between various types of materials such as porcelain stoneware, bathroom tiles or bathroom mosaic. We have different models suitable for all styles.


In the bathroom

The bathroom tiles can be installed on the walls as well as on the floor or in the shower. It is the ideal covering for a walk-in shower. In a receiver, mosaic is generally preferred, as the demarcation of joints reduces the effect of sliding. Make sure to check before making your choice, because not all mosaics and tiles are suitable for the floor.

A bathroom can be entirely tiled. Does this mean that the bathroom’s wall tiles have to be made uniform with the floor? You can choose the same tones for your tiles, however for your decor, play with their size and relief and lay a frieze to create a contrast.

An alternative is to place earthenware for bathroom only around the sink and bath. You use the tile as a credence to avoid splashing.

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For a bathroom tile?

At Dream Ceramique, we have a wide variety of wall tiles, wall decorations and even mosaics to suit your bathroom and kitchen.

You can choose our models in many colors in shades of grey, black, white or beige according to your request.

It is you who create the style of your bathroom according to the colors you choose: modern, classic, stylish designs await you!

What tile?

In a small bathroom

Small bathrooms also have the right to be tiled. To enlarge the visual aspect of a bathroom, we recommend using a large format model. The bigger the tiles, the bigger the room looks like. Similarly, it is better to opt for rather light colors like beige, sand or white. Another tip is to marry the tiles with the paint.

ous can change the atmosphere of the environment in which you live by applying new decorations. All you have to do is call us, get some ideas and come to our showrum.

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